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Welcome to Whales Of Wallstreet Club!

Whales Of Wallstreet NFTS are a collection of unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your whales of wallstreet nfts doubles as your whale club membership card which unlocks voting rights and revenue for future blockchain conferences.

Event Planning!

Gain access to our DAO and become an event planner to determine how our events are organized from the start. Vote on a variety of options from conference locations, theme, activities, live performances and even special guest speakers who should attend.

Investment DAO!

When hosting the conferences, the whale club seeks out promising and innovative projects for early stage investments. Whale DAO gives club members exclusive access to shared revenue for any early stage investment the club makes.



Phase 1

Whales will vote on future locations of each conference and vote on which guest speakers should speak at each event from a pre selected list based on availability.

Phase 2

launch the event page and start ticket sales for our first conference. Behind the scenes our team will coordinate with sponsors, guest speakers and accommodations for the conference. All details will be displayed publicly on the event page for everyone to see.

Phase 3

Host four conferences annually at the locations chosen by our DAO and provide live video stream access for all club members.

Phase 4

Post conference analytics publicly and distributed sales revenue for club members after each event.


How can I buy a Whales Of Wallstreet NFT?
New to NFTs? No worries, here are some steps on what you need to do to get your Whales Of Wallstreet NFT.
  • 1. Download the extension on your browser
  • 2. Purchase Ethereum from various exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance
  • 3. Send Ethereum from this exchange to your MetaMask wallet
  • 4. When it is time to mint, open the Whales Of Wallstreet website and select the number of NFTs you wish to purchase
  • 5. Click "MINT" button, Metamask will popup asking for connection
  • 6. Confirm the transaction and any associated fees
  • 7. Once you have made your purchase, your NFTs will appear in your wallet and on OpenSea
What is the total supply?
A total of 8888 unique Whales Of Wallstreet NFTs will be created. 500 are reserved for the core team!
When will the Whales Of Wallstreet launch?
The mint will take place between May and June of 2022 - no specific date is set yet. Our focus is to create the best possible collection we can. The mint date will be announced on all Whales of wallsteet official accounts with plenty of notice.
What will it cost to mint a Whales Of Wallstreet NFT?
  • Public Sale 0.02 ETH
Will club members receive revenue?
Yes, holders will receive 20% of the total revenue generated from each conference. This is an exclusive perk for Whales Of Wallstreet club members.
Still have questions?
Head to our Discord to learn more and ask any questions.

Core Team

Event Organizer
Marketing Guru
Sales Manager
Join the whales of wallstreet before they're all gone.